Botana's goal is to offer a unique experience with superior organic skincare and nutrition products, grown and processed utilizing biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming techniques.

We are organic growers that use no chemicals or pesticides, ever.

We ventured to Paonia, Colorado, to focus on sustainable growing methods while producing nutrient dense plants of the highest caliber. The high desert microclimate of the North Fork Valley and the valley's commitment to organics have continually produced some of the best tasting fruits in America. We chose this area to grow the best specialized hemp genetics possible, knowing they would be enhanced by the elevation and wine region climate.

At our Farm, we work with no-till methods, building soil with compost teas, microbial inoculants, and companion planting. In order to complete the soil food web, we utilize microscopes to view and then supplement what our soil is missing. For instance, our soil was bacterially dominated and highly damaged from chemical fertilizers, so we had to add certain microorganisms to reestablish a soil food web. Chemical fertilizers kill the soil rapidly, leading to runoff and loss of topsoil. The salts from chemical fertilizers dry out and kill all the the soil microorganisms releasing carbon and leading directly to erosion.

Botana believes a superior product comes with meticulous care. All our specialized industrial hemp cultivars are grown organically in the high desert fruit belt of Paonia, Colorado, with a hands-on approach. Organic means no pesticides or chemicals which we take very seriously. We not only test our soil but test our hemp at several independent labs to maintain a high level of quality control.
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We only use organic industrial hemp that contains less than the required .3% THC limited according to law. 


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